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- M.A.L.L. (2023), Director : Sorbets International Film Festival (Republic of Moldova), Quarter-Finalist for Best Student Film

- M.A.L.L. (2023), Director : The Pittsburgh Moving Picture Festival (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania), Nominee for Best Short Film and Editing 

- Drunk History (2022) : Student World Impact Film Festival, Semi-Finalist in Best Drama Short Film

- Motion Pictures Guild, President

- National Society of Leadership and Success 

- Pennsylvania Western University Dean's List 



Jared Bupp

Warren, Pennsylvania, USA

I grew up in the northwest of Pennsylvania, surrounded by the sights and sounds of the Allegheny National Forrest and Appalachian Mountains. Two houses down the road lived my grandpa, and it was there that I became accustomed to folks like John Wayne, Andy Griffith, James Stewart, and Audie Murphy. Between those times with my grandfather and going to the movies with my sister, I fell in love with pictures. 

I decided to attend Edinboro University, due to its high-achieving cinema program. I have a passion for sharing the beauty of wildlife and the American west. In my free time I enjoy being outdoors, whether it be camping, fly fishing, or hiking,. 

To me, movies are a gift. A perfect, life-changing gift, that can inspire others to achieve their dreams and go out into the world and create a better tomorrow. 

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